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The Central Organisation for Private Copying Rights (ZPÜ) is an alliance of nine German collecting societies having the legal status of an entity established under civil law. 

Reproductions pursuant to §53b (1-2) and 60a-60f UrhG are copies of works protected by copyright or parts of works from the fields of music, film, text or image, which are made for private purposes or for other personal use - so-called "private copies".

Articles of Association of ZPÜ

Further contractual arrangements:

  • Collection agreement with all shareholders of ZPÜ
    (Inkassovertrag mit allen Gesellschaftern der ZPÜ)
  • Collection agreements and assignment agreements with VG Wort and VG Bild-Kunst for claims pursuant to § 54 et seq. of the German Copyright Act (UrhG) for standing text and standing images.
    (Inkassoverträge und Abtretungsvereinbarungen mit der VG Wort und der VG Bild-Kunst für Ansprüche gem. § 54 ff UrhG für stehenden Text und stehendes Bild)

ZPÜ is a joint receiving agency within the meaning of Section 54h (3) UrhG for all notifications pursuant to Section 54b (3) UrhG (notifications by distributors of products subject to remuneration) and Section 54e (1) UrhG (notifications by importers of products subject to remuneration).

Devices and Storage Media Obligations of Manufacturers, Importers and Traders

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Legal Background

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